About Us

TRUNG NGUYEN PLAZA factory building materials located in Bac Son Block, Luong Son town, Bac Binh, Binh Thuan Province. As one of the pioneering companies in the field of ceramic tiles manufacturer in the South Central region. Over 8 years, Trung Nguyen has expanded the scale of production with current capacity of 5 million m2 / year.

Branded luxury tiles TRUNG NGUYEN PLAZA mainstream product lines as wall tiles, floor tiles, bricks card ... with the size, color richness and diversity. Always timely capture consumer trends and demands a change of customers in the market. With a team of professional designers, creative and new wind is blowing in the style of TRUNG NGUYEN PLAZA forms a very personal style. Customers will easily recognize the unique design it, just the simple but very close exchange and rustic, looming somewhere that ancient features, luxurious and modern European style. Since then, customers have more choice according to their preferences.

Ceramic tiles market TRUNG NGUYEN PLAZA not only expand in the domestic market, but also far beyond the borders of Vietnam. The export market of TRUNG NGUYEN such as Southeast Asia, Asia and the Middle East.

During the 5-year development plan (2015-2020) TRUNG NGUYEN PLAZA will meet the following objectives:
Scale factory area will be expanded and planned capacity from 10 million m2 / year.
Meeting the needs of the domestic market and foreign markets. Not only is the above-mentioned areas but also reach out to European markets.

In response to the expectations of the client, with the motto "Quality - Prestige - Creation" - Our company is committed to the same quality companion in the works beyond time and space. Because of customer confidence in quality as well as one of the policy objectives in our development ....